Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Red Jazz and Composition

"red jazz" sketch 3.75x5.75 in.

   "red jazz" final painting. 3x4 ft.

This is one of the more recent paintings that I finished for my good friend Matt Mcginnis. I started this piece about a year ago and applied several layers of compositions. This is the final one.

Solving the composition problem in this piece was my main concern. I had learned from a friend attending Art Center College of Design that a little trick to creating a successful composition was to fit your main subjects into a triangle. As you can see, the whole band is fitted into a single triangle shape. I'm not quite sure why this works, but if you take a look at some of the greatest works from old masters like Da Vinci all the way down to contemporary illustrators like James Jean, a lot of their work consists of triangular compositions. Try it! Photography, Illustration, Fine Art, etc., this composition rule works.


  1. I really like it. Many of your pieces dealing with jazz or just musical instruments used in jazz groups/ensembles and etc. really capture the feeling of the music for me. Great job Magnus.

  2. Nice hint about compositions. I'll steal it for my students.....

    Beautiful work in your summer show, too! All three of you!

    I am finding that your website pictures take forever to load. You might consider taking them down somewhat in resolution. People can't wait that long.